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Your Guide to Pinched Nerves

Have you ever tried pinching your cheeks? Did you initially feel a tingling sensation followed by a numbing feeling? That simple activity is similar to what you would feel if you are diagnosed with pinched nerves. If you are searching for pinched nerve relief Oakland CA has varying choices available to you. 

Our nerves are responsible for transmitting messages to and from the brain. Your brain immediately receives signals if something unexpected affected the nerves. Pinched nerves result from pressure applied to the nerves. Since there are billions of nerves in our body, pinched nerves are bound to happen and are common. Anything surrounding the nerves, like the tissues, joints, discs, bones, or ligaments, can press against them and trigger the pain.

Instances of Pinched Nerves

Here are some examples of nerves in our body and the resulting conditions when they get pinched:

  • Sciatic nerve

This is the longest and largest nerve in our body formed from numerous spinal nerves at our pelvis. They can continue to the lower extremities. Pressure on the sciatic nerve may lead to a condition called sciatica. A person usually feels pain in the backside and legs.

  • Spinal nerve 

Radiculopathy is a disease that results from a pinched nerve in the spine. It is lumbar radiculopathy if the pinched nerve is in the lower section of the spine. It is cervical radiculopathy if the pinched nerve is in the neck.

  • Trigeminal nerve 

This nerve is in our face. When pressed, it leads to a pinched nerve, and the condition is called trigeminal neuralgia. The resulting pain is incomparable because almost any facial movement can trigger discomfort. Think of smiling, eating, and talking, and you should have a reasonably good idea. 

  • Median nerve 

This nerve runs through the front part of the arm to the hands, and it passes through a channel called the carpal tunnel in our palms. The carpal tunnel is a narrow passage, so when something compresses the median nerve in this area, it leads to carpal tunnel syndrome. The resulting pain is evident in the palms, fingers, and back of the hands. 

In a nutshell, these conditions are due to compressed or pinched nerves. They have different names based on where the pain is.

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and pinched nerves, download our complimentary e-book by clicking the image below.

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Effects of Pinched Nerves

A person with pinched nerves knows only one thing, and that is pain. Before looking for pinched nerve relief Oakland CA residents share that it might help to understand the symptoms first. 

  • Needle-like sensation in the affected area

If you would like to know what this feels like, get a broomstick and press it forcefully on a body part. 

  • Loss of muscle control, especially in the arms and legs

This is cause for concern. Pinched nerves can happen without warning. Imagine if a person is driving and then losses control of his extremities. A less bleak scenario is serving dinner and dropping the dish.

  • Reduced sensation leading to numbness in the concerned section 

Similar to the previous symptom but the difference is the gradual loss of sensation.

  • Radiating pain 

Sadly, pain is not contained in one small area since nerves usually traverse our bodies' specific sections. Pain is present across the entire length or region.

Looking After Your Pinched Nerves

When seeking pinched nerve relief Oakland CA-based chiropractors share these tips on how to alleviate the pain possibly:

  • Lessen movement.

Any slight movement will alert the nerves of the pressure, so the automatic reaction is to manifest pain. If you can avoid or at least lessen movement, then it can help your situation.

  • Get some rest.

Dealing with pain can consume your energy. When you can, get some sleep. Doing so may relax your body and relieve some of the pressure that is pinching your nerves.

  • Do some light stretches.

Stretching your body eases up the tension, which might be causing pressure on your nerves. Opt for some light stretches. Be mindful of your body’s reaction as well. If you start feeling pain, then stop. Try a different pose and see if that works.

  • Gently massage the area.

Applying additional pressure might seem scary, but try to massage the affected area gently. The intent is to loosen any tightness that may lead to the release of any compression.

  • Use ice and heat packs.

You have to prepare two packs to apply to the section where the pinched nerve might be. Alternately pressing ice and heat packs may reduce swelling. Do test the packs on an area of your body to determine tolerance to the heat and cold. Do not directly apply to your skin to avoid a scalding or adverse reaction. 

Specific Chiropractic Care for Pinched Nerve Relief

If you are looking for sustainable and lasting pinched nerve relief Oakland CA-based chiropractor Dr. Crago can help you. She is our practitioner here at Life Chiropractic, and she can complete a full assessment to determine the presence of misalignments in your spine. Any misalignment throughout the spine affects the nerves and may lead to compression.

As a specific chiropractor, Dr. Crago uses gentle and precise approaches to restore alignment, leading to pressure decompression and release. A person with a pinched nerve may experience relief from the pain as a result of a realignment.
If your pinched nerves are getting in the way of your well-being, please come and see Dr. Crago at our office. She will show you what is happening to your body, and she will help you determine if restoring your body’s alignment can help achieve pinched nerve relief. Schedule your appointment here.

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