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Our goal is to provide generational care
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Providing Care for the Whole Family

​Our goal is to provide generational care. Everyone deserves wellness, from grandkids to grandparents — or as I like to say from womb to tomb. Chiropractic care is the most effective way to restore nervous system communication and ensure the optimal expression of life.

​No matter if you're spending 8 hours at the gym, or 8 hours behind a computer, Chiropractic care can help keep you in the game, increase performance, and enhance recovery time from illness or injury.

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Want to learn more about the unique form of chiropractic care that Dr. Crago uses at Life Chiropractic? Then click on the video thumbnail to watch a short 2 minute overview video.
Oakland CA Pediatric Chiropractic Care


Chiropractic care is incredibly beneficial for infants. Proper communication in a developing nervous system is vital for a healthy future. The birth, whether natural or C-section, can be incredibly traumatic for the mother and baby, creating potentially harmful subluxations (vertebral misalignments). When interference exists in a developing system, developmental issues can arise, including everything from ADHD, asthma, colic, bed-wetting, learning disabilities, and social disorders. Using gentle adjusting techniques, we are able to provide your child with the ability to express their fullest life potential, and be their best.

Pregnancy (Prenatal & Postnatal)

Your body goes through significant changes during and after pregnancy. When your spine is in alignment, your body can adapt to these changes easier!
Pregnancy Chiropractic Care
Elderly Chiropractic Care

Elderly Patients

Chiropractic care is the gateway to having as much fun as possible as long as possible. It helps increase balance, prevent falls, preserve strength and range of motion, decrease pain, as well as helps to address the cause of many other health problems.

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