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The Objective of Chiropractic is to detect and correct vertebral subluxations. A Subluxation, simply, is a vertebrae that is misaligned and/or not moving correctly that interferes in the normal function of the nerve system. Subluxations can lead to pain, incoordination, dysfunction, and disease. Our goal for our patients is not just the absence of pain but 100% function and coordination of all aspects of the body, mind and spirit. The primary way we accomplish our goals is through the chiropractic adjustment, through education, and as necessary referrals to appropriate adjunct modalities/professions. The Chiropractic adjustment is a gentle, specific force to reduce the subluxation and restore clear communication in the nervous system, to restore harmonious function.
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Cranial Facial Release

A controlled approach and technique that works to unwind the body and help it return to a more optimum function by adjusting the cranial plates of the skull and relieving pinned up pressure that affects the nervous system and reestablishes the flow of cerebrospinal fluid to the body and the proper flow of blood to the brain.
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Home Visits

Not able to make it into the clinic, or would like to have adjustments in the privacy of your own home?
When the doctor is available she can come to your home. To schedule a home visit send a text with your name, address, and best phone number to reach you at and a few times outside of our normal office hours that the doc could come and make the visit.

Home Visit fees are $300 for new patients, and $125 for existing patients.

Chair Massage and Cupping 

Regular medical and therapeutic massage is often a key component to feeling and functioning your best. With either a full-body or a more targeted massage, you’ll walk away with less pain, more movement, and better physical functioning and performance.

At Life Chiropractic we offer chair massage and cupping + Massage in  20-30-40 min appointments. ($2/min)

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Red Light Therapy 

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At Vitality Sol, we have invested in state-of-the-art red light technology that allows you to receive full-body therapy in 15-20 minutes. Combined with a short whole-body vibration session to stimulate circulation and help with lymphatic drainage, your visit can be completed in about 30 minutes.

With thousands of peer-reviewed studies, Red Light Therapy is a proven solution to many of today’s common health and wellness challenges. It is also non-invasive, relaxing, easy, and fast!

Whether you are looking to lose weight or inches, manage pain, or heal your whole body, Red Light Therapy is the answer. This natural therapy has had extraordinary results on the painful and challenging health conditions people deal with on a daily basis.

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The best way to schedule an appointment is to use our online booking system, or send a text with your name and preferred appointment day(s) / time(s) to 510- 394-5035. We will find a time for you in the schedule ASAP!

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