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Who's on Your Wellness Team?

Who's on Your Wellness Team? 

What individuals do you rely on to keep your body working optimally? 

There's health professionals that help optimize body function. Keeping the body moving, healing, and functioning at it's best. Here's a list of those wellness professionals everyone should have on their Wellness Team:

  1. Chiropractors - helps your body function and heal better to prevent any or further damage
  2. Physical trainers - arrange a workout routine to keep you moving and fit
  3. Dentists - help your dental hygiene stay optimal and make sure to prevent further damage
  4. Massage therapists - work out the knots in your muscles, freeing the body up for better movement 

Who do you go to when your body isn't feeling up to par or you're in pain? 

These professionals take care of you when your body is going through a tough time. Who should you employ to help you get back on track and back to a healthy active life? Here's a list of all the health professionals everyone should have on their team ready when needed:

  1. Chiropractors - chiropractic adjustments stimulate healing within the body by removing the interference that was inhibiting the body to heal
  2. Acupuncturist - helps with pain relief by improving the flow of energy through our meridians 
  3. Massage Therapists - support muscle balance and flexibility, allowing the body to relax and come into a state of healing 
  4. Naturopath - natural supplements and homeopathy's can help with temporary pain relief. Sometimes our pains can be linked to our diet, Naturopaths have the ability to test for any intolerances causing inflammation in our body
  5. Functional Medicine Doctor/Holistic Medical Doctor - they look at the body chemistry as a whole, or take care of you when in any need for surgery or surgical referral.  
  6. Physical Trainer - keeping moving and exercising is key to helping our bodies heal, even if it's a little bit of movement, it's better than none

Your health team should be made up of health professionals you trust, ones that have your best interest in mind and who look at the body as a whole. Everything within us is connected. The master control system of the body is our brain. The brain regulates, controls, and coordinates all functions of our body and mind via the nervous system (brain-->spinal cord-->spinal nerves-->tissue cells and vise versa). Keeping the body in tune and providing supportive daily acts in taking care of your spine/nervous system, allows the body to work as a whole more harmoniously.

So what are you doing to take care of your health wellness on a daily/weekly/monthly/yearly basis?

-Amy Markhoff, D.C.

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