Some Tips On Staying Healthy During the Holidays

How many times have you heard someone else or found yourself saying, “It never fails! The holidays are the time of the year when I get sick”. Some people refer to it as ‘flu season’ as if the virus gets stronger somewhere between November and January on the monthly calendar. The truth is, it’s about your rate of exposure. Holiday season typically means being around more family (and germy kids); in confined living rooms, sharing food, and consuming lots of sugary dessert. Picture a dutch oven simmering a recipe for influenza. Rather than simply avoiding your family events as a trade-off for your health, understand that our bodies are constantly exposed to the presence of germs and viruses, and the best way we can maintain our health is by making sure we are functioning at a high level from the inside in order to fight off these germs. Lucky you’ve chosen to read this blog and you’ll be fully prepared for the holiday season that lies ahead.

Some Tips On Staying Healthy During the Holidays

Let's start by discussing a bit about what the immune system is made up of. Unlike the more known systems like the muscular, circulatory and skeletal systems, which are made up primarily of similar parts (bones & muscles), the immune system is a collection of various organs that work together to fight infections. The complexity of it begins at the surface level with the skin, which acts as a natural barrier to the outside world; to the bone marrow found inside your bones, which is the center of red and white blood cell production; to the spleen and lymphatic system, which aids in filtering out toxins, waste and unwanted materials. The system continues on, but we won’t go there right now. The following are some of the best tips we recommend when it comes to boosting your immune systems ability to fight off those germy invaders. 

  • Vitamins A, B6, C, D and E - By increasing your fruit and vegetable intake, you will provide your body cells with proper nutrients in order to maintain proper function.
  • Get some sun (Vit D) - Sunlight provides a crucial element that allows our bodies to synthesize Vitamin D, and Vit D allows our bodies maintain and absorb calcium. Calcium is required for bone health (the center for red and white blood cell production)
  • Adequate sleep - Sleep is like the wax baths from the movie ‘Wanted’ that the agents use if they’ve been injured. It’s how our body catches up from the activities of the day, and how we recharge mentally. It’s also when the highest levels of growth hormone are released, promoting physical recovery. 
  • Moderate alcohol consumption - We all know what can happen when we have too much. We feel it the next day, imagine what’s going on inside that you aren’t feeling or what had to happen in order for you feel the way you do.
  • Exercise regularly - It builds resilience, circulatory function and strength. All of which contribute to a fully functioning body.

Maintaining function within the body is the primary goal of the chiropractor. Locating misaligned or fixated segments in the spine and restoring normal mobility is how function is restored. Each and every organ that makes up the immune system is a target organ of the nervous system. The nerve distribution that talks to the spleen, for example, stems from the T8 vertebral level; adrenals glands T9 and Lymph circulation T12. Think of the organ as the lightbulb, the spine as the switch and the brain as the power source. If the switch is turned on the lightbulb should also turn on. Unless there’s a dimmer switch, which in our case would be a misaligned or fixed segment in the spine.

With a few minor tweaks and efforts in your lifestyle, you can give your body’s immune system the best chance it has at keeping you healthy and feeling full of energy at your next family gathering. Additionally, investing your energy towards a healthy immune system will reduce the amount of toxins in the body and will benefit you further down the line and aid in the prevention of diseases as we age.

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