Optimize Your Sleep!

People often ask how should I sleep? or What position is best for sleeping?

Here is our list of helpful sleep tips/Do's and Don'ts

Sleep Position Do's: Sleep on your back or on your side with a supportive pillow. Think about keeping yourself in neutral alignment. You want a pillow that will support your neck and head in a neutral position not to high not too low. Propping the head up too much can cause the neck to get irritated. I recommend the pillows with the bumps. The bumps come in different sizes of height and widths. I recommend taking a friend with you to buy your pillow - lay down on the pillow on your back and on your side - because we often move around in our sleep. See that you have a neutral head position when lying in both positions. Or buy the pillow keep it in the case and bring it with you to your next appointment, and we will look at it together. Also if you are sleeping on your side, put a pillow between your knees and one in front of your chest which can help prevent you from sleeping on your stomach.

Sleep Position Don'ts: Sleeping on your stomach.

Other Sleeping tips:
Screen time, we often are on our phones, computer or watching TV before bed. Try putting the devices away at least an hour before bed. Do some soothing activities and create a regular routine. A shower or bath, reading a book instead of watching a show. Try meditation - type meditation into your youtube browser and listen to a guided meditation practice, play some soft music or just sit quietly and do a body scan to check in with yourself. Think about your stimulant usage through the day; you can cut down the coffee or tea and replace it with an after noon walk or exercise to give you that little boost and wake you up!

When your body and spine is aligned and your nervous system is working at 100%, and you take these steps to optimize your sleep as well, your body will be able to rest easier and heal faster.

If you know someone who has trouble sleeping, bring them in to see one of the Chiropractors for a consultation, to see how we can help get their spine aligned and nervous system functioning better for them!

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