Mind Over Matter

Do our thoughts affect our ability to heal?

More and more research is being conducted and showing the role of the mind when it comes to our health. It is showing that a great deal of the results we achieve depends heavily on our attitudes towards exercise, nutrition and health in general.

You could boil down the minds transition into reality by first understanding that our thoughts affect our actions/inactions, and those actions determine our results and outcomes in health.

mind over matter

HOW do you get more in-touch with your subconscious mind and change your perception? The answer is create awareness

Take inventory and actively check in with yourself: What do I really want? Are my health goals ACTUALLY mine? Where am I now, and where would I like to be? Why do I feel the way I do? For what, or whom would I sacrifice my time, my energy, my health, my life? What excuses am I making for myself? What limiting beliefs do I have about myself, and when in my life have I been able to surprise go beyond
those beliefs?

REMEMBER For every thought or belief we hold, there exists an equally powerful opposite truth. It boils down to how we perceive it in our life.
The things we see in the world are a direct representation of our mind. 

STEPS Set small, actionable goals Although it seems counterintuitive, it is important that you not attempt to change everything at once.
Focus on the most important goals, aspects, and priorities in your life. Simple = sustainable- The simpler you can make these goals and milestone, the clearer they will appear and increase your chances of succeeding. Choose just one habit you’d like to change. This may take 7 days or up to 30. It is your journey to a fuller, healthier life and it will be unique. Sir Isaac Newton said; an object at rest stays at rest and an object in motion stays in motion. The first step is usually the hardest but it gets easier with each step in the right direction. In order to change your action it can be helpful to attach it to an emotion to it. Recent research around neuro-plasticity of the brain provides data perspectives and feelings towards things like health and exercise are possible with concentration, focus and conscious effort.

Take action! Targeted action budgets success; success leads to improved self-confidence; confidence budgets more action. This is what is known as adopting a growth mindset. Rather than putting yourself through a sort of shame spiral like taking on too much at once, getting overwhelmed, falling off the wagon, feeling down on ourselves, and fear all future attempts. Understand that you may experience setbacks and they are a part of the human growth experience. 

Lean on your community. Ask how you can slowly implement new habits into your lifestyle in order to reach your specific health goals. Chiropractic operates on the foundation that health is a result of three pillars; trauma, toxins and thoughts. Full health cannot be expressed if any one of the pillars is compromised.

When all else fails, practice self respect and kindness. How often do you find yourself beating yourself up about something you did or did not do? Would you say half the things you say to yourself to someone else you care about? If you’re a decent person, you probably don’t bash anyone for the harmless things they do, or at least you keep your opinions to yourself. It’s important to treat yourself with the same respect. We’re all on this adventure called life, and we all have struggles.

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