Isometric Exercises for the Neck

Let’s start with isometric exercises for the neck. The neck, also called the cervical spine, is possibly the most important region of the body.  The brain stem connects to the spinal cord stem as it exits the skull in the upper neck. Almost every nerve passes either from the brain through the neck to the body or from the body through the neck into the brain.  The brain and body connection is crucial for function. Therefore, we want to ensure that the anatomy around the neck is maintained and healthy for proper function. In addition to getting checked and adjusted by your chiropractor in the office here, isometric exercises can help increase recovery time for an injury related to muscle or joint malfunction, and build stability and maintain strength. 

Neck isometric exercises can be performed by pressing your palm on your forehead and resisting the pressure by activating your neck muscles.There is no joint movement or muscle shortening/lengthening occurring, the muscle remains the same.  Isometric exercises help re-activate and maintain muscle strength. They are gentle exercises for the joints in the body and highly recommended for individuals who are recovering from acute muscle injury. 

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