Is My Shoulder Pain Caused by A Pinched Nerve?

Dealing with shoulder pain daily can heavily impact your productivity. How can you focus on your tasks when all you feel is this lingering, tingling pain that can make anyone’s day worse? This experience leaves you to wonder, “What causes my shoulder pain?”

Anyone can develop shoulder pain for various reasons, and a pinched nerve in the spine is one of these reasons. If you recall falling on your back or injuring your neck at some point before experiencing shoulder pain, a pinched nerve might be the culprit for your current condition.

If you are not familiar with a pinched nerve, try to pinch a patch of skin on your body. Now release it. Do you feel the numb yet painful sensation? Imagine that pain happening in your spine near your shoulders.

Dr. Crago, our chiropractor for pinched nerves in Oakland CA, has dealt with several pain conditions caused by pinched nerves. We’ve applied her expertise in creating this article in the hopes of shedding light on shoulder pains.

Today, we’ll take a look at the tell-tale signs of a pinched nerve. Later in the article, we’ll also list some ways to relieve shoulder pain caused by a pinched nerve.

Do I Have Shoulder Pain Due to A Pinched Nerve?

Pain and numbness typically characterize a pinched nerve. This tingling pain usually radiates from the neck down to the lower back. In some cases, these painful sensations may linger in a specific location, such as the shoulders.

Along with the unbearable aches from the pinched nerve, you might also experience the following symptoms:

  • “Pins and needles” in the affected region
  • Insensitivity in the affected area
  • Muscle weakness and discomfort

If you suspect that you have a pinched nerve, your next course of action should be visiting your doctor or a spine expert, like a chiropractor for pinched nerves in Oakland CA. This way, they can properly diagnose you and provide a plan for your recovery.

Pinched nerve diagnosis may involve several tests and questions. These are vital in locating the problem area in your spine. Your doctor may ask you questions about your medical history and experiences before your shoulder pain to rule out other factors or possible causes. Then, they may order imaging tests and physical examinations to assess your condition thoroughly.

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How Do I Get Relief from A Pinched Nerve?

As a chiropractor for pinched nerves in Oakland CA, Dr. Crago has noticed that a pinched nerve can disappear on its own after a few days or so. Sometimes, all you need to do is to rest the affected area, apply ice or heat packs, or maybe wear a soft collar on your neck to prevent more pinching.

However, there are several cases where pinched nerves are persistent that they can continue to bother you for several weeks. This is when you’ll need the help of a spine doctor.

Treatment methods will depend on the cause of the pinched nerve. As mentioned earlier, pinched nerves may be caused by different conditions. Some of the common ones are:

  • Injury to the spine
  • Degenerative disc disease
  • Arthritis
  • Aging
  • Herniated disc

All of these conditions contribute to the main reason for a pinched nerve: swelling. After a complete diagnosis, your doctor may recommend the following strategies to give you relief from pinched nerves and painful shoulders:


Pain pills and anti-inflammatory drugs are the go-to first aid for shoulder pains. If these do not reduce the pain and swelling, your doctor might prescribe steroids to be injected into the affected nerve. 


Your doctor might opt for surgical decompression if your pinched nerve does not improve with pills and steroid injections. 

Depending on the severity of the cause of your pinched nerve and its location, your spine surgeon may require a different kind of procedure. Some of these may involve removing portions of the damaged spine to alleviate the pain and swelling.

Lifestyle Changes

Following a pinched nerve, your doctor would recommend that you make lifestyle changes. Adjusting sleeping patterns, maintaining proper posture, and eating foods that are rich in calcium are the usual changes that help people with pinched nerves get back to a normal life.

How Can Realigning My Spine Set Me Free from Shoulder Pain?

More often than not, pinched nerves are a result of a misalignment in your spine. Spinal misalignments and pinched nerves share similar causes, so correcting the misalignment can potentially give your shoulders a break from the pain. 

To get sustainable and lasting relief from shoulder pain, addressing the main culprit should be your priority. Spinal realignment does not necessarily require invasive surgeries. Sometimes, all you need is help from a specific chiropractor.

If you are looking for a chiropractor for pinched nerves in Oakland CA, Dr. Crago is happy to take your case. Here at Life Chiropractic, we know how significant getting relief from shoulder pain is for you. Many of our clients have experienced much-needed relief thanks to specific chiropractic. 

Do you want to find relief too? Visit our office so that Dr. Crago can enlighten you about specific chiropractic and how it can set you free from shoulder pain for good. Schedule your appointment today.

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