Hip and Knees

All of these stretches and exercises are good to help release muscles and create stability for hips and knees

Morning CARs Routine

Hip 90/90

Psoas Stretching - Variations

Standing Lunge:

Kneeling Lunge

Nerve Floss Lunge

Lunge on Bench or Stairs

on foam roller

Passive- leg on chair


Figure 4 stretch

in Chair Seated

Seated Against the Wall

Double Figure 4

Figure 4 on Foam Roller

w/ Tennis Ball or Lacross Ball


Standing Quad stretch variations

(Tip: Hips Forward Knees Together)


- Laying on back legs up the wall

- Wide Leg Folded Founder

- Keep Back Straight ( Avoid Flexion )

Roll and stretch Calves

Roll bottom of foot

-Roll bottom of feet with tennis ball or lacross ball
- bottom of facial chain
- can release tension from legs, low back all the way up to the neck

Strength - building strength to create stability is super important

Glute Ham Bridge


Double Leg with Weight

Single Leg

Double Leg with Weight

Single Leg

Hip extensions


Door knob squat

open door, hold door knob/handle with both hands one on each side, bring feet close to the door about hip with apart or slightly wider and feet turned out slightly, lean back with a little weight in the hands, sit back with back straight bringing hips down until thighs are at least parallel to the ground - or as close to ground as you can. Bonus: can also do with an exercise band around thighs right above knees to keep glute med active and working.

Standing with a chair behind you

The chair is there as a guide to make sure you go low enough in your squat but also to catch you if you have trouble getting back up. Stand with feet slightly turned out and slightly wider than hip width apart. Keeping eyes straight forward and chest up - keep torso as upright as you can through the entire squat, bring hips to touch chair. Progression, add exercise band around knees, add weight in hands holding with two hands arms bent with weight close to chest

Free Squat/ Free Lunge

Calf raises on Balance disc

Gluteus Medius

aka Glut Med - good for Pelvic Stability

Side lying, side lying with band

side plank on knee with band

Banded squat side walk/crab walk


Side lying, side lying with band

side plank on knee with band

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