GiveBack Program

We want to give parents, kids, teachers, administrators, and staff a way to take care of themselves — and "giveback" to their school, too!


Send us an email, stating your school name and that you heard about the Life Chiropractic School Giveback Program. (If the school has a non-profit tax ID number, please include it in the email.)


Initial visit $225 . $25 giveback to your registered school.
Sign up for package of 10 or more. $100 giveback to your registered school.
Follow up package of 10 or more. $50 giveback to your registered school.


Initial intake visit for $70. $7 giveback to your registered school.
Sign up for package of 10 or more. $70 giveback to your registered school.
Follow up package of 10 or more. $35 giveback to your registered school.
Packages can be shared by multiple family members after the initial intake. This is also applicable to staff, teachers, and school. administrators. Please contact us, if you are interested.

Letter to Share with School PTA

Dear School PTA,

When I was a kid I suffered with Asthma and allergies, I had to go to the school nurse every day after PE to use my inhaler, and my medicine cabinet was always stocked with Benadryl and Claritin, and my inhaler was never out of reach. I remember the horrible feeling of my chest tightening and not being able to breathe. My life was changed with chiropractic, with regular adjustments I was able to throw away the stock of allergy medicines and my inhaler and I no longer feared that I wouldn’t be able to breathe anymore. I felt liberated.

My name is Dr Melissa Crago, and I am a chiropractor in Rockridge, with a son starting Kindergarten this year. As he is entering public school in Oakland and looking at the fundraising needs, I wanted to do something to give back. (See details of Giveback Program Below)

As a chiropractor I look to the spine as the cause of what we call dis-ease, a lack of ease in the body. If there is a vertebra out of place or not moving properly it can interfere with the communication between brain cells and tissues cells and cause abnormal or aberrant function.

The main cause of these misalignments, which we call subluxations (less light expression), is stress - this can be physical stresses like falls, car accidents or even just bad posture over time. Also chemical stresses like pollution or eating things that aren’t correct or our bodies, and mental/emotional stress - no explanation on this one needed, right parents. We have the great honor and responsibility of having the, more than full time job as guardians and guides to our little ones- and we also have full time jobs that allow us to provide for those little angels. Sometimes we don’t have control over the stresses coming our way, but we can do things to help us be able to continue to adapt well. Chiropractic is one of the fastest and easiest things I know to help keep stress in check, when you are well adjusted (pun intended) your immune system functions better, you sleep better, you have less pain, less prone to injury - you have increased adaptive capacity.

Life Chiropractic wants to help give “back” to Oakland Schools. We are offering a special deal to parents, teachers and administrators. The first 2 appointments in the office include your consultation, exam, digital thermography, digital x-rays (as necessary), first adjustment, and report of findings. This is $225, with a giveback of $25. If they sign up for a package of care of 10 visits or more we will donate $100 back to the school. And likewise for the kids - first visit is $70 (exam and adjustment) $7 giveback - and 10 visits or more we will donate the $70 back to the school. (Every subsequent package of 10, $35 will be donated)

We also will come out and offer a free workshop on stress reduction and improving posture.

We also love to come talk to students of any age about the spine and the nervous system.

Dr. Melissa and Life Chiropractic Team

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