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Could You Have Sciatica and Not Know It?

Patients who have sciatica have varying complaints. Some cry over the pain on the right side of their lower backs and hips. On the one hand, others wish to end the pain on the left portion of their lower bodies.

On some occasions, sciatica affects both parts of the body, causing impairment of numerous functions like bowel and urinary control. As an Oakland CA chiropractor, Dr. Melissa has welcomed quite a lot of sciatica patients here at Life Chiropractic. 

Our team has also encountered cases of patients having no clue of their sciatica since they only suspect ordinary back pain. If this sounds like your dilemma, our list of questions below might help you determine if you likely have sciatica. Hopefully, these can help you get an official diagnosis from a physician and begin seeking sciatica relief in Oakland, CA.

#1. Are you a professional athlete?

Muscle strain often follows extensive workout and training in professional athletes. For example, triathlon athletes often experience back pain because of the accumulating pressure on their lumbar discs, the protective layer between the lumbar vertebral bones. 

Another example would be gymnasts, weightlifters, or football players who frequently overextend their lumbar spine. Studies show that such training behavior often increases risks for developing spondylosis, a degenerative disc disease. 

If you’re not an athlete by profession, the back pain you experience most likely doesn’t stem from a simple muscle strain. As a result, applying a mentholated ointment and other topical remedies might not be enough to keep your pain at bay.

#2. Is there pain when you put pressure on your lower back?

The more information you can provide your physician, the more comprehensive diagnosis you can get. So, when describing your pain, you need to be accurate. You can determine if it stems from a muscular injury by pressing on your lower back muscles using one or two of your fingers. If that results in immediate pain, your pain most likely comes from a muscle strain instead of sciatica. 

Notably, sciatica pain doesn’t easily get triggered by touching the tender part. In most cases, the pain becomes apparent when you move around or bend your body. It also worsens when you sit for long hours because the pinching bones or tissues put additional pressure on the sciatica nerve.

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and lower back pain, download our complimentary e-book by clicking the image below.

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#3. Do you feel weakness in your leg muscles?

The sciatic nerve (the largest nerve bundle) runs from your lumbar spine to the toes. As a result, when it gets pinched, irritated, or compressed, you experience pain, weakness, and discomfort in the entire lower body. Muscle numbing or tingling can also follow as the nerve damage progresses. 

The longer the pinching persists, the more severe damage you will have on your nerves. That's because the pinching sensation typically leads to the deterioration of the myelin sheath, the protective covering of the nerves. It’s a good idea to seek sciatica relief in Oakland, CA, as soon as you receive your diagnosis from your physician. 

#4. Are you having difficulty controlling your bladder or bowels?

Bilateral sciatica is rare, and it brings severe effects on a patient’s life. For starters, it can lead to long-term bowel or bladder problems. If you can’t control your urges to pee or defecate, we recommend talking to your physician. This situation often requires emergency assistance, so don’t hesitate to call 911 for help.

#5. Did you get a positive diagnosis for sciatica?

Before seeking sciatica relief in Oakland, CA, take our advice and consult with a physician. This way, you can assess the extent of your sciatic nerve damage. It will also help you manage other pre-existing health conditions that might make your sciatica pain worse. Usually, a sciatica diagnosis procedure involves the following:

  • Checking your medical history – By doing so, your doctor can narrow down other likely causes of your symptoms and determine possible complications.
  • Physical examination – Testing muscle reflexes helps determine specific activities that might trigger your pain. It also checks what functionalities may be affected by the pinching action on your sciatic nerve. 
  • Assessment for nerve damage – If your condition has been affecting you for more than a month, then your doctor will recommend nerve tests. This procedure helps gauge the severity of the nerve damage and determine what course of action you must take. 
  • Checking your spinal structure – Imaging tests on your spine will help check if the pinching stems from misaligned bones. In addition, it allows your physician to decide whether to refer you to another healthcare professional such as a specific chiropractic practitioner. 

While most sciatica pain gets resolved after 4 to 6 weeks, some cases linger, causing debilitating effects to the affected individual. In that case, we recommend seeking helpful procedures such as specific chiropractic care.  

Experiencing Sciatica Relief in Oakland CA with Specific Chiropractic Care

Finding effective sciatica relief in Oakland, CA, is not a walk in the park for most people. That’s because some remedies don’t work for some patients. If this is a familiar situation, we suggest trying specific chiropractic care. It’s a unique and special chiropractic technique that focuses on spinal alignment. 

Case studies on sciatica show that the pinching sensation can result from misaligned vertebral bones. That’s why, some cases of sciatica take longer to resolve compared to others. With the help of specific chiropractic adjustments, you can slowly restore the neutral alignment of your vertebral bones. This releases pressure on the sciatic nerve and allows it to heal from the damage gradually. 

If you have exhausted other options for sciatica pain relief in Oakland, CA, but found no significant improvement, we suggest scheduling an appointment with us at Life Chiropractic. 

Dr. Melissa can provide you with precise spinal adjustments to restore your vitality and ease your sciatica symptoms. Book an appointment with her via phone (510) 594-9994 or our online booking system.

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