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Be Aware of These 9 Migraine Indicators

A migraine is a painful condition. It affects the brain and the nerves in the spinal cord and all over the body. An episode has far-reaching effects primarily because the nerves take care of transmitting signals to the brain and commands to the rest of the body. In Oakland CA migraine relief options vary depending on people's preferences.

A Few Facts

  • The pain level can be severe and radiate from the head down to the other parts of the body. 
  • The discomfort usually persists for a few days.
  • Some people are unable to bear the effects of each session to the point that they miss work.
  • study confirmed that this condition's financial impact affects those afflicted, their employers, and healthcare providers.

Be on The Lookout for These Indicators

Although an attack can be debilitating, it often does not strike unexpectedly. Keeping a watchful eye might help a lot when it comes to dealing with an episode.

  1. Environmental sensitivity

Migraineurs or people diagnosed with migraines tend to display sensitivity towards environmental factors right before a migraine starts. The notable ones include adverse reactions towards the bright light and noisy environments.

A pair of sunglasses and some earbuds might help block these out. Staying in a darkened, quiet room is also ideal if possible.

  1. Mood swings

This is a tricky one for women because this is also a premenstrual symptom. Generally, migraineurs can fluctuate from being happy to moody hours before an onslaught. This might be the brain's reaction to the initial signals delivered by the nerves.

When this happens, stay calm and manage your emotional responses. Doing so will lessen the load of information the brain has to process.

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and migraines and other headaches, download our complimentary e-book by clicking the image below.

  1. Stiff neck 

Increased muscle tension in the neck area becomes prominent right before an attack. During a migraine episode, the pain is most intense around the head and neck areas.

It might help to gently massage the neck to loosen the muscles and release tension. Try not to apply too much pressure because doing so might hasten the onset of a migraine.

  1. Unexplained cravings

Just like mood swings, this can be a period-related symptom. The experience is the same but is not associated with a woman's monthly cycle.

If you keep a migraine diary and notice this indicator outside of your cycle, then a migraine might be just around the corner.

  1. Onset of fatigue

Feeling tired compounded by the inability to get restful sleep are everyday experiences of people diagnosed with migraines. 

At this point, it is easy to lose your handle on things. Regain control by using mindfulness and relaxation techniques to calm down and try to log restful sleep. According to our chiropractor in Oakland CA migraine relief is possible when you stay in bed and do your best to remain at ease. 

  1. Sinus-related issues

Migraines often trigger issues with the sinuses. The T-zone area feels tender, and the nose seems stuffy. 

Drinking hot beverages might help clear the nasal passages.

  1. The constant urge to pee

The need to urinate so often is a clear indicator that an attack is coming. This might be your body's natural reaction to an impending onslaught.

When this happens, make sure you have your care essentials handy and accessible. Keep the path to your restroom clear of any obstacles so you can quickly relieve yourself without stumbling into something.

  1. Vertigo

When you experience vertigo, then an attack is close. The spinning sensation might make you feel nauseous, so prepare for this possibility as well.

It usually helps to stay in bed when vertigo sets in. Keeping your eyes closed enables you to block out the feeling of imbalance. It might help if you remember that you are lying on your bed and not moving. Reminding yourself of this fact might help calm you down.

  1. Throbbing headache

Pain in your head might start on one side before spreading towards the neck. Some migraineurs initially feel a dull ache, but the intensity can increase quickly. Most people diagnosed with migraines are unable to complete necessary activities when the pain becomes severe. A headache signals that an episode has started.

Up until this point, you should have prepared any migraine medications as well as your care routine. The best way to cope with an onslaught is to stay calm so the brain does not get overpowered with additional signals.

Oakland CA Migraine Relief Through Specific Chiropractic

Migraines are one of the debilitating neurological conditions. Pain medications can significantly help manage the pain and provide immediate relief.

However, it is essential to know that there is another way to achieve relief using a natural approach. A professional providing specific chiropractic care assesses the entire spine for any alignment issues. This is a crucial step since migraines also involve the spinal nerves. Correcting alignment issues may help the brain process information correctly, generating positive results that counter migraines' effects.

At Life Chiropractic, Dr. Melissa Crago uses the latest approach to complete a full assessment that includes the whole spine. She develops customized strategies to address misalignments in these areas.
Dr. Crago believes that specific chiropractic may provide natural relief to the debilitating effects of migraines. If you are looking to improve your way of life naturally, come and see Dr. Crago for an initial evaluation. Please schedule your appointment here, and take that first step towards possible freedom from migraines.

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