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The Answer to Low Back Pain Problem Lies in the Spine

Lower back pain can be a source of misery and frustration. It could hinder you from doing activities and affect various aspects of your life. Typically, it doesn’t occur on its own. Instead, it serves as an accompanying symptom of another condition.

Most of the time, it results from sciatica, a condition where the sciatic nerve gets pinched or irritated. Some people have the acute type, which typically goes away after a few days. However, others suffer from the chronic version. In such cases, the pain tends to linger. Without seeking lower back pain relief in Oakland CA, it can persist for a long time.

Have you been dealing with lower back pain consistently because of sciatica? If you are, then you might find our short guide helpful in relieving your symptoms. Find out as much as you can about sciatica and back pain so you can finally manage your condition better.

The Sciatic Nerve Up Close

Learning about sciatica is the first step to finding effective lower back pain relief in Oakland CA. This will help you determine how a specific remedy can apply to your situation. To help you understand what sciatica is, let’s review the sciatic nerve’s anatomy. Here are quick and essential facts about the most extensive nerve bundle of the human body:

  • It’s as thick as the thumb of an average man, so it’s highly susceptible to pinching or damage.
  • It supplies sensation to your thighs, legs, and feet.
  • Sensory and motor fibers comprise your sciatic nerve.
  • When the nerve gets injured, compressed, or pinched, the brain can be heavily affected.
  • The nerve bundle runs from the lower back to the tip of the toes.

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How Can Sciatica Affect You?

The answer to this question ultimately depends on the affected portion of your sciatic nerve. As we’ve mentioned above, the sciatic nerve comprises five nerve roots – two come from the lumbar region, and three stem from the sacral nerves. Below are some of the common characteristics of sciatica lower back pain:

  • Burning, stabbing, or tingling leg pain 
  • Sudden pain when you attempt to walk or stand after sitting for long hours
  • Stabbing pain when you sit too long
  • Pain that spread from your lower back to one leg
  • Pain that only affects one side of the body

The symptoms can also happen in varying frequency or intensity. At times it could be completely debilitating. There may also be moments when the pain is only mild. It could worsen if you get exposed to certain triggering factors.

What Are the Possible Triggers of Sciatica?

Several things can trigger sciatica. Knowing these would help you find better ways to cope. Most of these are underlying health conditions that affect the spinal column. A few notable examples include:

  • Lumbar spinal stenosis 
  • Lumbar disc degeneration
  • Spondylolisthesis

Pregnant women are also at risk of developing sciatica, especially as the fetus grows. As the child develops inside the womb, the spine and the pelvic bone have to compensate for the additional weight. Other factors can also increase your susceptibility to sciatica and lower back pain, which includes:

  • Obesity
  • Sedentary lifestyle
  • Aging and osteoporosis
  • Diabetes
  • Occupational hazard

Sciatica and Spine Alignment Connection Explained

Now that you have more insights into sciatica, its symptoms, and triggering factors, it’s easier to understand its connection to your spine’s health. If there’s even the slightest translation or shifting of your spinal bones, your entire body needs to compensate. This can cause pinching or compression of your nerves like the sciatic nerve. 

So if you want to experience lower back pain relief in Oakland CA, you will need your spine alignment checked. Find out if you have a misaligned spine. This is quite likely if you had an accident that caused physical trauma. It could also occur if you injured your back while carrying a heavy load.

With the help of specific chiropractic care, you can significantly reduce the lower back pain from your experience. Additionally, you can enjoy other benefits, such as:

  1. Restoring the normal transmission of nerve signals 
  2. Removing undue pressure on the back, shoulders, hips, and the rest of your body
  3. Ensuring the smooth movement of your vertebral bones and preventing further spinal column damage such as herniated discs and spondylolisthesis

Your #1 Source of Lower Back Pain Relief in Oakland CA

Caring for your spine should be your top priority if you have sciatica and lower back pain. This will help you improve your prognosis, so you can begin to take control of your life once more. Without worrying about sciatica and lower back pain, you can do all kinds of activities with greater ease. 

On top of practicing self-care techniques and remedies, it would help to address the issue's source as soon as possible. The earlier you resolve the problem, the less likely it would turn into a chronic type of sciatica and lower back pain.

Specific chiropractic is a precise and gentle approach to healing. It helps restore the neutral alignment of vertebral bones that might have slipped out of place because of an injury or structural malfunction. Guided by digital imaging results, we can figure out the critical points that need adjustment. Consult with Life Chiropractic today to start seeking lasting lower back pain relief in Oakland, CA. You may reach our clinic online or via phone at 510-394-5035 to schedule a consultation about specific chiropractic.

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