49 BREATHES: A Meditative Practice

This is one of our favorite breathing meditations, taught by an amazing chiropractor and Mentor Dr. Sid Williams, D.C.

Breath and Enjoy!

“49 Breaths” is a series of breaths interspersed by affirmations.

This form of meditation originated from Dr. Sid E. Williams D.C., the creator of the Dynamic Essentials Meeting, and it is designed to ENERGIZE the spirit and CONNECT the physical body back to the source within.

To Begin: Start seated at the edge of your chair, with shoes off and feet connected to the ground. Place your hands gently on your knees palms up and close your eyes. Set your intention for your meditative practice and acknowledge the time you have set aside to give back to yourself. When you are ready, place your palms down and begin the series of breaths. The breaths are done in through the nose and out through the mouth. When breathing in bring your head up and back as if looking at the sky or the ceiling and puff your belly out; with the breath out bringing your head down as if looking at your belly or chin to chest and pull your belly in. The breaths are broken up into 4 series each with affirmations in between. The palms are down for the breaths and palms are up and spirit is open during the affirmations.

· 7 Breaths -> Affirmations

· 14 Breaths -> Affirmations

· 14 Breaths -> Affirmations

· 14 Breaths -> Affirmations

· End w/ a deep inhale followed by a big sweeping sigh or “Om”

Here is a sample pattern of affirmations you can use filling in the blank with anything you want to bring focus to in your life

i.e. Love, light, power, strength….

I am _ I do not have to become
I am _ right now ___dwells in me Every cell of my body is filled with

I am love
I do not have to become love
I am love
I am peace
And peace dwells in me

I am strength

Every cell of my body is strong
I do not have to become strong
I am strong in the right places

I invite you to try to do these breaths every day, 3 times a day for the next 2 weeks and see what opens up in your life!

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