Stretch and Strengthen:
Check out various stretches for various parts of the body - if there is an area you want more info about please ask us to add it - and also check out our exercise videos page


To the right is a series of range of motion (ROM) exercises that you can do each day especially first thing in the morning and at the end of the work day, or even in a hot shower.  We call it the Yes-No-Maybe stretches, and a bonus on the bottom of a chin tuck.  Do these slowly and gently, and use your breathe to guide you deeper into each stretch as the muscles warm up. 

The Chin Tuck (bottom left) think about keeping your eyes level to the horizon and bringing your head back and lifting up into the spine as you bring the head back, like sliding the back of your head up the wall. And you can do this standing against the wall - yours heels, butt, shoulder blades, and back of the head should touch the wall - and you should relax and stay her for 3min each day.

To the further right is  passive exercise in which you roll up a towel firmly and place it under your neck for about 3-5min every night before bed.

The Psoas or as we fondly call it the (p)sore-as muscle...

The psoas is a major muscle that help with hip flexion and trunck flexion.  It is a deep core muscle that is very important for back stability and can get very "angry" when not treated well.  Here are a few stretches you can work on at home to help keep it loose and happy.

Shoulders and don't forget to check out our self shoulder massage page

And last but not least never underestimate the power of the breath.


Take a moment for breathing and for meditation. 

Dr Melissa

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