Dr. Melissa changed my life and I am forever grateful!

Dr. Melissa changed my life and I am forever grateful! I have dealt with vertigo-like symptoms since 2008 and my "episodes" can last up to several weeks with non-stop dysequilibrium (I feel like I'm on a boat 24/7). I don't have traditional vertigo so none of those treatments/meds/etc have helped. I have tried all kinds of things over the years and then I met Dr. Melissa. In my first visit with her I was in the middle of an episode. I had nasal ballooning done and I had relief that lasted the rest of that day and into the next one. As we completed the series I was dizziness-free for longer and longer periods of time until I was basically normal. The treatments are intense and worth it since they work! I've now gotten the full series a few times and am pretty stable; I just go in for a tune-up as needed. I can't say enough good things about Dr. Melissa and the ballooning treatments. :)

It is our pleasure and honor to help!

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