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"The highest good is to find the cause." 

- Aristotle


By performing thorough chiropractic, neurological, orthopedic, and X-ray examinations, we are able to determine the underlying cause of your health problems and address the cause directly.


Our Mission is to reset the bar of what is considered normal health and give optimal health, optimal function, optimal ease and happiness!

The best way to schedule an appointment is to send a text with your name and a best day/time(s) for you, and we will find a time for you in the schedule asap! 

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Dr. Melissa changed my life and I am forever grateful!

November 15, 2019

Dr. Melissa changed my life and I am forever grateful!
I have dealt with vertigo-like symptoms since 2008 and my "episodes" can last up to several weeks with non-stop dysequilibrium (I feel like I'm on a boat 24/7). I don't have traditional vertigo so none of those treatments/meds/etc have helped. I have tried all kinds of things over the years and then I met Dr. Melissa. In my first visit with her I was in the middle of an episode. I had nasal ballooning done and I had relief that lasted the rest of that day and into the next one. As we completed the series I was dizziness-free for longer and longer periods of time until I was basically normal. The treatments are intense and worth it since they work! I've now gotten the full series a few times and am pretty stable; I just go in for a tune-up as needed. I can't say enough good things about Dr. Melissa and the ballooning treatments. :)


It is our pleasure and honor to help!

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Wellness starts with "we" and "I" is the lonely letter in illness

November 12, 2019

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