... None of those jobs jacked up my neck as much as having twins

March 1, 2017

Thank you Dr. Melissa!! I have worked physically demanding jobs my whole adult life - a server, a dancer and dance teacher, and then a chef - and have suffered from chronic shoulder and neck stiffness as a result. But none of those jobs jacked up my neck as much as having twins. Carrying those little guys around for two years finally took its toll this Christmas when I woke up with the stiff neck to beat all other stiff necks, pain radiating down my right arm, waking up in the night because of discomfort. Usually my neck relaxes after a few days but this one just wouldn't quit, so after a month of pain I decided to bite the bullet and seek treatment. I am SO GRATEFUL that I did, because Melissa fixed me up. I felt relief almost immediately, and after four or five visits my neck and shoulders feel better than they have in years. She also made the connection between my increasing migraines and my neck issues which I can't believe I hadn't figured out myself, duh. The adjustments only take a few minutes but they make a world of difference. It feels like such a luxury to be able to turn my head again!
I also want to mention that both Melissa and her staff are extremely nice with children in the office. I had to bring my active and inquisitive twin toddlers into the office for a few of my appointments, which made me really nervous, but they have books and toys and everyone was very warm toward them. I was able to completely relax during the adjustment even though my kids were on the loose, which is saying something. She also offers Saturday appointments which means I can leave my kids at home, even better :)

-Amy D

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