Wrist Tendonitis and Pain

November 23, 2015

"I have a 2-year sports injury and 6-year wrist pain and was feeling pretty discouraged about recovering from those as I had tried physical therapy, massage therapy, and acupuncture previously, but these only provided temporary relief when done on their own. I stopped exercising also because I was afraid of the pain getting worse. I had doubts about chiropractic (partly because I was ill-informed about it); however, Dr. Amy worked patiently with me and figured out the best kinds of adjustments I needed to get to the root of the problem and be on the recovery road. My wrist doesn't bother me as much anymore and I can run and play sports now with more confidence. Amy's always encouraging and very knowledgeable, addressing my millions of questions and concerns. I'm thankful to have her as my chiropractor for the past year and would definitely recommend her!" Irene 


"I had tendonitis on my wrist for a year and had a hard time working. I've seen other chiropractors, but the pain didn't seem to go away. Then I saw Dr. Amy and within a month, the pain went away! She's very knowledgeable and confident, so you feel hopeful. She adjusts you at your comfort level, not too aggressive and not too gentle." Elaine 

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