They really gave me my body back!

October 15, 2014

After a period of serious physical inactivity in my 30s (thanks to grad school and early parenting), I took up a practice of Capoeira, the Brazilian martial art, just before turning 40. My body was not used to the demands and strains that Capoeira placed on it, and although I was having a great time and doing my best to train safely and within reasonable limits, after about two years I found myself in a bad way: near constant pain in my left hip, sometimes bad enough to keep me awake at night, and certainly bad enough to interfere with my training and with my enjoyment not only of Capoeira but of pretty much any activity. Melissa Crago invited me to make an appointment with her, and after one adjustment — no kidding — the pain in my hip was significantly reduced. After a few weeks it was gone completely, and after about six months of regular visits with Dr. Melissa and Dr. Brett, not only is my hip working great, but the rest of my body feels better than it ever has. I discovered that the problem in my hip was masking pain and soreness that I was feeling in a lot of places — and all that has been resolved. I regularly train three times a week; my recovery times are much shorter, and I experience notieceably increased flexibility, endurance, and strength in my body. I’m grateful to Melissa and Brett for their care and treatment – they really gave me my body back! - Steven Hassett

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