Ask and you shall Receive:

Patients are always asking for my referrals and recommendations for other practitioners and other stuff.... here it is
Acupuncture/Chinese Medicine:
Camille Schindler
Phil Settels
Lake Merritt Community Acupuncture
(510) 817-0680
Mohari Wellness: (acupuncture, chinese medicine, massage, yoga and more...)
August Varlack - acupuncture
Christina Veverka - neuromuscular reeducation
Karen Chan
Fitness/Personal Training:
KES Fitness: Kewesi Simon
Amazing Knowledge safe guided 1 on 1 personal training, group boot camp classes, muay thai, and self defense.  And you get a combo of all of the combined knowledge and years of expertise in each session!
InTensional Running
Movement Coach and Fascial Reposturing
Timur Crone
510 328 3702
The Fitness Alchemists
Hannah Husband
Alex Nichols
The Guardian Gym
Kristi Adams
Baxter Bell
Remedy Barre and Foam Rolling
Maggie and Tam will work you up and roll you out!
Vita: Yoga-Pilates-Barre
Highly recommend the gentle pilates with Alissa!
Hypnotherapy/NLP/Spirtual Advisor
Jenny Knowles
Tiffany Cotter
(EMDR is an amazing psychotherapy technique to help deal with any kind of trauma)
The Winter Method
Diana Moskowitz, Haley Winter and Nahkter Ahad
Sports/Orthopedic, Deep Tissue
 (510) 463-4254
Florann Vazquez
(very specific and skilled hands,  anatomical knowledge, does both massage and fascial stretch therapy and cranio sacral integrated sessions)
Rockridge Day Spa
Massage, Facials, Waxing and Hair
Nuria Bowart (Rolfer)
Torreyanna Barley
(is mobile and will come to your house)
New Dawn Wellness
Dawn Preisendorf, MA, NC, CHWC
Dr Pamela Colby
Mindful Medicine
Stella Park; ND
Temescal Creek Medicine
Michael Zimmerman and Andrea Franchett, MDs
Eden Tosch
Essential Oils and Massage and Ayurveda:
Devin Fleurdujon
Chi Nei Tsang (Taoist Abdominal Massage - helps to deal with "undigested" emotions in the belly)
Jak Noble
Cranio Sacral: 
Lara Hornbeck 
2421 Fourth St
Pediatric Cranio Sacral: 
Tomi Knutson
Physical Therapy:
Jaime Harrow
Liz Williams DPT, CMT
@ Synapse Massage and Body Work on Piedmont Ave

Dr Melissa

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Thurs -              3:30-6:30PM

Select Saturdays - 9am-12

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The best way to schedule an appointment is to send a text with your name and a best day/time(s) for you, and we will find a time for you in the schedule asap! 

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Office: 510-594-9994

Dr Evan: By appt ONLY

Mon-Fri 9am-6pm

Sat 9-12

COVID Health Precautions: 

-Ventilation: doors and windows kept open

-Hand Washing and Sanitizing: hands washed and/or use of hand sanitizer between each patient, hand sanitizer used by patients as they are entering office

-cleaning: tables disinfected between each patient and all surfaces cleaned in office frequently

-Masks: doctor and patients wearing masks

-If you or doctors or staff have symptoms or have had exposure to someone with a positive test we ask that you stay home.


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"The highest good is to find the cause." 

- Aristotle


By performing thorough chiropractic, neurological, orthopedic, and X-ray examinations, we are able to determine the underlying cause of your health problems and address the cause directly.


Our Mission is to reset the bar of what is considered normal health and give optimal health, optimal function, optimal ease and happiness!

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