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"For optimal wellness, it's those big milestones in life that it's most important to get your health and vitality checked by a chiropractor. For expecting moms, it's making sure their body is in alignment and ready to grow a healthy baby. For kids, it's getting checked right after birth, and at transitional times in their lives as they are very growing quickly."

During Pregnancy your body goes through significant changes. With a better aligned spine, your body can adapt to these changes easier!  And regular chiropractic care can lead to shorter easier labors.

Postnatal Care: I am especially passionate about postnatal care. As a mom I understand it is a time when all the focus is on baby and mom's sometimes get forgotten but our bodies during this time are sleep deprived greatly, still unstable from relaxin hormones from birth and under great energy expenditure healing and producing food for baby. This is a time when mom need care the most.

Did you know that kids have an average of 7,000 small traumas by age 14? Many adult injuries can be traced back to childhood, getting kids checked earlier on can help prevent this from occurring. Spinal alignment is also good to help boost the immune system. And helps with normal healthy development.

"Normal" Developmental Milestones For Your Child Part 2: Spinal Curvatures. Click Image to see Article.

Prenatal Care

How does chiropractic care benefit you, even before you are pregnant? 


Chiropractic aligns the spine and pelvic bowl, which holds the baby during the 9months of growth. Using very specific adjustments that are safe for the mom and the baby! 


Along with the alignment of the pelvis, we check the tension of the ligaments which attach to the uterus and sacrum. By releasing and naturally letting the the tension of these ligaments unwind, the body will give more space for the baby. 


Bringing the mothers pelvis into better biomechanical alignment can result in an easier more comfortable birth.

Postnatal Care

After birth, the moms body continues to go through many changes. The hormone relaxin continues to stay within the mothers system for up to 6 months. This hormone was produced during pregnancy to prepare the moms body for the upcoming expansion of ligaments needed during birth. Relaxin causes laxity in the ligaments during pregnancy, along with laxity comes instability. This is why getting checked by a chiropractor during pregnancy is so important to keep the pelvis and spine in alignment. 


After the pregnancy it's important to continue chiropractic care to make sure that her body is in alignment as she goes through many changes such as: changes in center of gravity, weight changes, emotional changes, and physical changes. 

Chiro Kids

Prevention is our number one goal and reason for getting kids adjusted. With well aligned spines your child will have an optimal functioning nervous system. 


Many specific health related issues in kids self resolve when they get their spines realigned. Some examples include: colic, GERD, latching on during breastfeeding issues, allergies, ear infections, bed wetting, ADD, and headaches just to name a few.


But even when your child doesn't have symptoms, it's important to make sure their body is aligned and balanced to take on the world!  

What can cause a Spinal Misalignment (Subluxation) in kids?

  1. Traumas: big or small, falls when learning to walk, bumping into objects, sports injuries

  2. Chemicals: in foods, the air, and the water we drink 

  3. Thoughts: a negative mindset or state of being puts stress on the body

We recommend healthy asymptomatic kids get checked at birth, when learning to crawl, learning to walk, anytime they get sick, any traumas, and around any big transitions. Or once a month

Chiropractic care is safe, gentle, and beneficial for newborns all the way to teenagers and beyond! 
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