Daily Basics

CARs - Controlled Articular Rotations

15min video of joint circles for all the joints of the body - Use it or Lose it - move all your joints in all their directions every day!

Towel Time

10-20 min daily with cervical pillow or rolled up towel
Unwind all the looking down at devices, and craning at the computer screen
Lay on your back on a firm but comfortable surface with a cervical pillow or a rolled up towel behind your neck. Your head and shoulders should be in a neutral position with gentle upward pressure/traction on the curve of the neck. This should feel good.

Foundation Training

This system teaches you how to properly hip hinge and use your breath to decompress the low back 
- it can be done on it’s own every day in 30s-1min or as an accessory concept to any movement or postures.

Decompression Breathing Tutorial

Basic Founder Tutorial

Myofascial Lines

As we move into things you can do at home to help for more specific regions of the body - understand that the whole body is connected and one part can be affected by all the others - understanding the source can be very helpful in full recovery - and sometimes the injuries or patterns that lead to our current state happened in birth and childhood outside of our memories. Ankle sprains can lead to shoulder problems through the spiral fascial lines…. So on and so forth - so work on your part but explore all parts of our library and your body for wellness. We are a balance of thoughts, toxins, and traumas, structure, chemical and emotional experiences. 

Below will be a mixture of range of motion, stretches, and exercises for strength and stability.

Check out our YouTube 
for Educational Videos

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