Every chiropractor for athletes in Oakland, CA helps sports professionals be at their best condition on the playing field. A common problem among them is sleeping hands, an uncomfortable situation that points to a pinched nerve in the hands. 

The good news is that the tingling and numb sensations are mostly nothing to worry about. We will discuss pinched nerves in athletes, their symptoms, and the prevention methods in this blog. At the end of the post, we will introduce a natural care option for pinched nerve relief in Oakland, CA.

Explaining a Pinched Nerve in the Hand

The importance of having a healthy hand function cannot be stressed enough in the world of sports. Sports such as basketball, handball, hockey, boxing, and volleyball require athletes to have strong hands. However, an athlete's hands could be put at risk due to several reasons.

One of the problems that could affect the hand's power to play is a pinched nerve. It's when a nerve in your hands gets irritated or compressed. There are three primary nerves in your arms:

A sleeping or numb hand could be an indicator that there is a pinched nerve in your arm. Visiting a trusted chiropractor for athletes in Oakland, CA would help know the cause of your pinched nerve. 

Signs and Symptoms of a Pinched Nerve in Athletes

If you’re an athlete, the fields or the court is your version of Disneyland. It’s the happiest place on Earth. It's the place where you can show off your talent and strengths. However, after some time of playing, some of your body parts get tired or worn out. As a result, you begin to feel some aching in your legs, arms, and neck. The pain could also be a symptom of a pinched nerve. 

Knowing the symptoms of a pinched nerve is vital. A proper diagnosis can help you get proper care for pinched nerve relief in Oakland, CA. Note that the location of the symptoms depends on the site of the pinched nerve. 

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and pinched nerves, download our complimentary e-book by clicking the image below.

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How Sports Cause Pinched Nerves

A lot of good things come out when playing sports. It helps improve your respiration, increases strength, reduces stress, and enhances confidence. However, it can also result in muscle or nerve damages, such as a pinched nerve.

Our chiropractor for athletes in Oakland, CA, sees increased patients complaining of pinched nerve symptoms after playing certain sports. Here are common ways on how your favorite sport could cause pinched nerve symptoms:

Exercises to Ease a Pinched Nerve in the Hands 

Athletes perform a wide variety of activities when playing. Such activities include gripping, carrying weights, punching (for boxers), etc. Unfortunately, these repetitive movements may trigger the occurrence of a pinched nerve in the hands. As a result, you may feel weakness, numbness, and stiffness in your arms, fingers, and wrist. 

Hand exercises are one of the most accessible options for pinched nerve relief in Oakland, CA. You can do these exercises at home. However, talk with your doctor first before performing any of these stretches and exercises. 

Simple Wrist, Arm, and Hand Stretches

How to Prevent Pinched Nerves as Athletes 

Pinched nerves are kind of difficult to prevent from occurring. However, as athletes, you can lower your risk of developing one if you do the tips below.

Maintain a healthy weight 

Gaining weight can cause compression of your nerves. Therefore, you should maintain a healthy weight. Most athletes already have a healthy weight that's enough to support their physical needs. However, if you are currently going through some weight gain, you need to adjust your lifestyle.

Weight gain not only limits your performance in the field, but it can also cost you your health. Here are tips to regulate your weight as an athlete.

Take frequent breaks in between hard training

Taking breaks between training is essential for strength recovery. This is also vital to let your pinched nerve repair itself quicker. Remember not to overuse your nerves to avoid irritating them. When you sleep, make sure that you lie down in a position that can relieve nerve pressure.

Use ice and heat packs

Use ice and a heat pack where your pinched nerve is to reduce swelling. This can help restore proper blood circulation. A good blood flow can help relieve the pressure in your nerve. Hold ice or heat pack over the pinched nerve for about 10-15 minutes. Doing this three times a day can significantly help reduce inflammation. 

Consider Specific Chiropractic Care for Pinched Nerves

Pinched nerves in athletes could be due to several factors. However, spinal misalignment is one of the most common reasons seen by our chiropractor for athletes in Oakland, CA. Even the slightest misalignment on the spine can irritate and put pressure on the nerves. 

Specific chiropractic care is a technique that can help correct the subluxation in your spine. In addition, corrections in your spine can help alleviate the symptoms of your pinched nerve. Above all, our specific technique will help prevent your pinched nerves from recurring. 

Are you ready to get the appropriate care you need? Then, schedule a consultation with Dr. Melissa.  

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Often, we encounter many patients asking whether Knee Chest Chiropractic can help with a compressed or pinched nerve. With the several incapacitating effects of a pinched nerve, it’s no wonder many people feel desperate to tap into the most promising relief options they can find. 

Dr. Melissa, our pinched nerve chiropractor in Oakland CA, would like you to have a grasp of your condition. This way, you can understand why Knee Chest Chiropractic is a good option you should consider.  Let’s learn more about pinched or compressed nerves in the discussion below.

What is a Pinched Nerve?

A pinched nerve occurs in roughly 85 out of 100,000 American adults. While it mainly affects older adults, it can also occur in young adults because of previous injuries, poor posture, and accidents. The nerves can quickly get pinched or compressed because they often traverse narrow openings such as those present between bones and joints. 

When you have a pinched nerve, you will likely experience symptoms like numbness, burning pain, pins and needles feeling, and muscle weakness in the area near the affected nerve endings. It can also affect nearby tissues like muscles, joints, and ligaments. Suppose you have a pinched nerve along the neck; the painful sensation could extend or radiate to your elbows, hands, wrists, and fingers.

More importantly, if you leave your pinched nerves untreated for a long time, your nerves might suffer from demyelination, a process that deteriorates the protective layer around the nerves. This could trigger more problems, including increased swelling, pressure, and even permanent nerve damage.

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and pinched nerves, download our complimentary e-book by clicking the image below.

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Can a Pinched Nerve Chiropractor in Oakland CA Help?

Many patients who wonder if Knee Chest Chiropractic works most likely have researched or heard about chiropractic care. This is because, over the years, specific chiropractic has gained a lot of traction, especially among patients who prefer seeking holistic remedies for pain. 

Essentially, when you go to a pinched nerve chiropractor in Oakland CA, you will get your spinal bones assessed for misalignment. The bones of the spine can easily misalign because of their extensive range of motion and flexibility. 

Here at Life Chiropractic, Dr. Melissa pays close attention to every case she handles. We use digital imaging tests to check the spinal bones and determine the key points that need adjustments. This way, we can provide adjustments that can hold even after you complete the procedure. Rest assured, the approach is gentle and precise as it aims to encourage your body to heal effectively and independently.

After the adjustments, your spinal bones go back to their normal position, restoring their normal functions and healing the affected nerves and muscles. This helps you see gradual improvements in your symptoms.

Proof that Knee Chest Chiropractic Works

Over the years, we’ve seen many studies carried out to prove the efficacy of specific care, particularly the Knee Chest Chiropractic technique, in helping patients with various conditions. Here are some interesting studies that you can refer to if you still doubt Knee Chest Chiropractic’s effectiveness.

Start Seeing Changes Today!

Your pinched nerve can result in more unpleasant things such as demyelination and permanent nerve damage if left untreated. Hopefully, the discussion above has helped you learn more about the benefits of going to a pinched nerve chiropractor in Oakland CA.

Again, remember that even the slightest pressure (at least 10 mm Hg) on the nerve roots can cause you pain and discomfort. So if you suspect spinal misalignment or if you have nerve pinching or compression symptoms, you should have your spine checked. 

The sooner you have your nerve problem solved, the better prognosis you can enjoy. Imagine how much your life could change once you address the root cause of your pinched nerve. 

If you have the signs and symptoms of a pinched nerve and hope to manage it more effectively, you can try Knee Chest Chiropractic. It’s a specific approach to managing pain and stimulating natural healing. It’s also a non-invasive procedure that could provide you with long-term benefits.

For inquiries about pinched nerve or Knee Chest Chiropractic, contact Life Chiropractic at (510) 394-5035. If you wish to book an appointment with Dr. Melissa, you can do so via our online booking system.

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Dealing with shoulder pain daily can heavily impact your productivity. How can you focus on your tasks when all you feel is this lingering, tingling pain that can make anyone’s day worse? This experience leaves you to wonder, “What causes my shoulder pain?”

Anyone can develop shoulder pain for various reasons, and a pinched nerve in the spine is one of these reasons. If you recall falling on your back or injuring your neck at some point before experiencing shoulder pain, a pinched nerve might be the culprit for your current condition.

If you are not familiar with a pinched nerve, try to pinch a patch of skin on your body. Now release it. Do you feel the numb yet painful sensation? Imagine that pain happening in your spine near your shoulders.

Dr. Crago, our chiropractor for pinched nerves in Oakland CA, has dealt with several pain conditions caused by pinched nerves. We’ve applied her expertise in creating this article in the hopes of shedding light on shoulder pains.

Today, we’ll take a look at the tell-tale signs of a pinched nerve. Later in the article, we’ll also list some ways to relieve shoulder pain caused by a pinched nerve.

Do I Have Shoulder Pain Due to A Pinched Nerve?

Pain and numbness typically characterize a pinched nerve. This tingling pain usually radiates from the neck down to the lower back. In some cases, these painful sensations may linger in a specific location, such as the shoulders.

Along with the unbearable aches from the pinched nerve, you might also experience the following symptoms:

If you suspect that you have a pinched nerve, your next course of action should be visiting your doctor or a spine expert, like a chiropractor for pinched nerves in Oakland CA. This way, they can properly diagnose you and provide a plan for your recovery.

Pinched nerve diagnosis may involve several tests and questions. These are vital in locating the problem area in your spine. Your doctor may ask you questions about your medical history and experiences before your shoulder pain to rule out other factors or possible causes. Then, they may order imaging tests and physical examinations to assess your condition thoroughly.

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and pinched nerves, download our complimentary e-book by clicking the image below.

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How Do I Get Relief from A Pinched Nerve?

As a chiropractor for pinched nerves in Oakland CA, Dr. Crago has noticed that a pinched nerve can disappear on its own after a few days or so. Sometimes, all you need to do is to rest the affected area, apply ice or heat packs, or maybe wear a soft collar on your neck to prevent more pinching.

However, there are several cases where pinched nerves are persistent that they can continue to bother you for several weeks. This is when you’ll need the help of a spine doctor.

Treatment methods will depend on the cause of the pinched nerve. As mentioned earlier, pinched nerves may be caused by different conditions. Some of the common ones are:

All of these conditions contribute to the main reason for a pinched nerve: swelling. After a complete diagnosis, your doctor may recommend the following strategies to give you relief from pinched nerves and painful shoulders:


Pain pills and anti-inflammatory drugs are the go-to first aid for shoulder pains. If these do not reduce the pain and swelling, your doctor might prescribe steroids to be injected into the affected nerve. 


Your doctor might opt for surgical decompression if your pinched nerve does not improve with pills and steroid injections. 

Depending on the severity of the cause of your pinched nerve and its location, your spine surgeon may require a different kind of procedure. Some of these may involve removing portions of the damaged spine to alleviate the pain and swelling.

Lifestyle Changes

Following a pinched nerve, your doctor would recommend that you make lifestyle changes. Adjusting sleeping patterns, maintaining proper posture, and eating foods that are rich in calcium are the usual changes that help people with pinched nerves get back to a normal life.

How Can Realigning My Spine Set Me Free from Shoulder Pain?

More often than not, pinched nerves are a result of a misalignment in your spine. Spinal misalignments and pinched nerves share similar causes, so correcting the misalignment can potentially give your shoulders a break from the pain. 

To get sustainable and lasting relief from shoulder pain, addressing the main culprit should be your priority. Spinal realignment does not necessarily require invasive surgeries. Sometimes, all you need is help from a specific chiropractor.

If you are looking for a chiropractor for pinched nerves in Oakland CA, Dr. Crago is happy to take your case. Here at Life Chiropractic, we know how significant getting relief from shoulder pain is for you. Many of our clients have experienced much-needed relief thanks to specific chiropractic. 

Do you want to find relief too? Visit our office so that Dr. Crago can enlighten you about specific chiropractic and how it can set you free from shoulder pain for good. Schedule your appointment today.

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Waking up every day to a painful neck can be quite a troublesome experience. It can leave you frustrated as you have to deal with the limited movement that your head and upper body can do. But why do you have a painful neck in the first place? Why does the pain keep coming back and seemingly getting worse each day? As a pinched nerve chiropractor in Oakland, CA, Dr. Melissa Crago wants you to understand how neck pain works and what you can do to cope in the best (and most sustainable) way possible.  

The science of neck pain

The spine plays two roles – supporting the head and protecting the spinal cord. Sadly, sometimes, after an injury or trauma, the structure gets compromised, affecting its overall functionality. This is because even with its unique design, the spine is prone to injuries. When this happens, the bones tend to slip or shift from their original alignment, impacting neighboring nerve roots. 

The nerves often get irritated or compressed, affecting their ability to send signals to the brain and causing mild to severe pain, tingling, or numbness. In some cases, the nerve pinching only happens in one site, such as the neck region. However, some patients who come to a pinched nerve chiropractor in Oakland, CA, have nerve compression or pinching along several areas along the spine. This causes pain in various regions of the body. 

What can cause the vertebral bones to shift? 

Nerve pinching is a fairly common ordeal that Americans cope with every day. Statistics suggest that up to 100,000 folks have a nerve compression or pinching problem. It can arise from various issues ranging from a herniated disc to maintaining a bad posture when walking or sitting. Let’s take a closer look at how these different triggers can affect your spine health. 

Herniated Disc

A bulging or herniated disc is a problem that thousands of people in their mid-30s to late 50s struggle with. While disc herniation mainly affects the lower spinal column, it can most certainly impact the upper part of the spine too. 

When you get diagnosed with a herniated disc, it means that the cushioning material between your vertebral bones has ruptured. The disc nucleus pushes out into your spinal canal and presses on the nearby tissues like muscles and nerve endings. This results in the searing or stabbing pain that can persist for hours or days. 

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and pinched nerves, download our complimentary e-book by clicking the image below.

pinched nerve chiropractor in Oakland, CA

Spine degeneration

It’s no secret that the body’s strength and rigor gradually deteriorate as we go through the natural aging process. One of the most deeply impacted parts of the body during this journey is the spine. 

In many older people, the spine’s structure gradually weakens, and the friction between the bones increases as the cushioning materials also begin to break down. This process can also trigger the formation of bone spurs or bony projections that are usually hard to detect until they start causing problems like neck pain. 

Bad body posture

Maintaining a healthy body posture goes beyond looking good and presentable. In fact, it can heavily affect your overall health. As we’ve discussed earlier, the spine’s alignment plays a critical role in preventing the onset of painful symptoms such as neck stiffness or soreness. 

If you have a poor posture like lordosis or hunch back, the spine’s shape and structure get compromised. The bones shift from their position to ensure that they can support the weight of the head. 

Like spine degeneration and disc herniation, a seemingly harmless poor posture can also cause nerve compression or irritation. However, unlike the other two, which usually affect older people, bad posture remains a massive problem for many age groups, including teenagers and working young adults. 

Who can develop neck pain due to nerve pinching?

It isn’t easy to find a person who never experienced neck pain due to nerve pinching. It can occur in a teenager, a manual laborer, an office worker, a retired senior folk, or even a young health buff. However, some people are at a higher risk of suffering from neck pain than others. 

Some examples of these individuals include those who are diabetic, obese, pregnant, and sedentary. If you meet these criteria, it’s a good idea to check for symptoms of nerve pinching such as:

Finding Relief With A Pinched Nerve Chiropractor In Oakland, CA

So, what’s the best course of action if you have neck pain due to a pinched nerve? Do you wait it out and hope that it goes away on its own? Many people assume that waiting and getting enough rest are enough to deal with neck pain or nerve pinching. 

Unfortunately, sometimes the neck pain problem only occurs when the nerve damage has already progressed. This means that it could eventually result in an irreversible problem or trigger a whole new set of health issues. 

If you suspect nerve compression or pinching, you can consult with Dr. Crago, our reliable pinched nerve chiropractor in Oakland, CA. Find out how bad the situation is, so you can plan for the best course of action to take.

With the help of a pinched nerve chiropractor in Oakland, CA, you can potentially address the misalignment along the spine. Specific chiropractic adjustments may come in handy in relieving the pressure on the nerve roots and allowing them to heal naturally. This way, your body can recover, and you can eliminate the neck pain problem for good. 

Contact us at Life Chiropractic at (510) 394-5035 for more details about our unique approach to healing and restoring spinal health. You may also leave us your message or inquiries via our web form.

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Nerve compression or pinching occurs in 85 out of 100,000 American adults. It affects various age groups – from older people ranging from 50s t0 70s to young adults. The condition results from a variety of things, including spine degeneration, arthritis, and spinal misalignment.

Do you suspect having a pinched nerve? How can you confirm it? What diagnostic options do doctors or therapists use to test for a pinched nerve? More importantly, is there a way to achieve long-term Oakland CA pinched nerve relief or resolution?

What is a pinched nerve?

Understanding what causes your pain is the first step to seeking Oakland CA pinched nerve relief. This allows you to identify the method that would work best for your situation.

Essentially, when you have a pinched nerve, this means that some of the nerve endings found along your bones, cartilage, joints, and ligaments suffer from compression or pinching. This is a common issue that results from different factors such as: 

In most cases, a pinched nerve resolves on its own. However, if the condition stems from a spinal misalignment, the nerves will most likely stay compressed or pinched for a long time. This could cause chronic pain or even permanent damage to your nerves. 

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and pinched nerves, download our complimentary e-book by clicking the image below.

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How to get your pinched nerve diagnosed

So, how can you confirm if your achy back, stiff neck, leg, and arm pain stems from a pinched nerve? What are the options for diagnosis? It’s a good practice to pay close attention to the symptoms you currently have. Here’s a quick list of pinched nerve symptoms for your reference:

If you have any of these pinched nerve symptoms, you can book a consultation with your primary healthcare provider, physical therapist, or a specific chiropractor. Physical examinations, imaging tests, and electromyography often comprise the diagnostic procedure for a pinched or compressed nerve.  Let’s take a closer look at each compressed nerve diagnostic test:

Top options for relief when you have a pinched nerve

Getting diagnosed with a pinched nerve can be worrying for some people, especially if the pain causes massive disruption in one’s routine. Thankfully, you have plenty of options for relieving your pain and helping your pinched nerve to heal. Below are the most commonly sought after remedies for pinched or compressed nerves:

Oakland CA pinched nerve relief with specific chiropractic care

Indeed, living with a pinched nerve could severely impact your life. It could ruin schedules, affect your productivity levels, and cause you to feel depressed and anxious. On top of that, if the condition progresses, you might end up with damaged nerves or peripheral neuropathy, which could eventually lead to more severe complications.

As soon as you get your diagnosis, it’s essential to act fast. This will help you deal with your compressed nerve pain quickly and prevent long-term problems. If you have tried several remedies but found little to zero relief from your condition, then you might want to consider specific chiropractic. It’s a scientifically proven method used to deal with pinched or compressed nerves. Here’s a list of reasons why specific chiropractic adjustments work well for many patients:

Looking for a lasting and effective option for Oakland CA pinched nerve relief? Feel free to consult with us at Life Chiropractic to know more about how you can cope better! You can book a free pinched nerve chiropractic adjustment consultation or call our Oakland, CA office at 510-594-9994.

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Have you ever tried pinching your cheeks? Did you initially feel a tingling sensation followed by a numbing feeling? That simple activity is similar to what you would feel if you are diagnosed with pinched nerves. If you are searching for pinched nerve relief Oakland CA has varying choices available to you. 

Our nerves are responsible for transmitting messages to and from the brain. Your brain immediately receives signals if something unexpected affected the nerves. Pinched nerves result from pressure applied to the nerves. Since there are billions of nerves in our body, pinched nerves are bound to happen and are common. Anything surrounding the nerves, like the tissues, joints, discs, bones, or ligaments, can press against them and trigger the pain.

Instances of Pinched Nerves

Here are some examples of nerves in our body and the resulting conditions when they get pinched:

This is the longest and largest nerve in our body formed from numerous spinal nerves at our pelvis. They can continue to the lower extremities. Pressure on the sciatic nerve may lead to a condition called sciatica. A person usually feels pain in the backside and legs.

Radiculopathy is a disease that results from a pinched nerve in the spine. It is lumbar radiculopathy if the pinched nerve is in the lower section of the spine. It is cervical radiculopathy if the pinched nerve is in the neck.

This nerve is in our face. When pressed, it leads to a pinched nerve, and the condition is called trigeminal neuralgia. The resulting pain is incomparable because almost any facial movement can trigger discomfort. Think of smiling, eating, and talking, and you should have a reasonably good idea. 

This nerve runs through the front part of the arm to the hands, and it passes through a channel called the carpal tunnel in our palms. The carpal tunnel is a narrow passage, so when something compresses the median nerve in this area, it leads to carpal tunnel syndrome. The resulting pain is evident in the palms, fingers, and back of the hands. 

In a nutshell, these conditions are due to compressed or pinched nerves. They have different names based on where the pain is.

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and pinched nerves, download our complimentary e-book by clicking the image below.

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Effects of Pinched Nerves

A person with pinched nerves knows only one thing, and that is pain. Before looking for pinched nerve relief Oakland CA residents share that it might help to understand the symptoms first. 

If you would like to know what this feels like, get a broomstick and press it forcefully on a body part. 

This is cause for concern. Pinched nerves can happen without warning. Imagine if a person is driving and then losses control of his extremities. A less bleak scenario is serving dinner and dropping the dish.

Similar to the previous symptom but the difference is the gradual loss of sensation.

Sadly, pain is not contained in one small area since nerves usually traverse our bodies' specific sections. Pain is present across the entire length or region.

Looking After Your Pinched Nerves

When seeking pinched nerve relief Oakland CA-based chiropractors share these tips on how to alleviate the pain possibly:

Any slight movement will alert the nerves of the pressure, so the automatic reaction is to manifest pain. If you can avoid or at least lessen movement, then it can help your situation.

Dealing with pain can consume your energy. When you can, get some sleep. Doing so may relax your body and relieve some of the pressure that is pinching your nerves.

Stretching your body eases up the tension, which might be causing pressure on your nerves. Opt for some light stretches. Be mindful of your body’s reaction as well. If you start feeling pain, then stop. Try a different pose and see if that works.

Applying additional pressure might seem scary, but try to massage the affected area gently. The intent is to loosen any tightness that may lead to the release of any compression.

You have to prepare two packs to apply to the section where the pinched nerve might be. Alternately pressing ice and heat packs may reduce swelling. Do test the packs on an area of your body to determine tolerance to the heat and cold. Do not directly apply to your skin to avoid a scalding or adverse reaction. 

Specific Chiropractic Care for Pinched Nerve Relief

If you are looking for sustainable and lasting pinched nerve relief Oakland CA-based chiropractor Dr. Crago can help you. She is our practitioner here at Life Chiropractic, and she can complete a full assessment to determine the presence of misalignments in your spine. Any misalignment throughout the spine affects the nerves and may lead to compression.

As a specific chiropractor, Dr. Crago uses gentle and precise approaches to restore alignment, leading to pressure decompression and release. A person with a pinched nerve may experience relief from the pain as a result of a realignment.
If your pinched nerves are getting in the way of your well-being, please come and see Dr. Crago at our office. She will show you what is happening to your body, and she will help you determine if restoring your body’s alignment can help achieve pinched nerve relief. Schedule your appointment here.

To schedule a special consultation in our Oakland office call (510) 594-9994, or just click the button below.

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Pain is one way the body tells you that something's wrong, like in the case of a pinched nerve. If you ever tried waking up in the morning and felt a sharp or dull pain on your neck, shoulder, back, arm, elbow, wrist, or hand, it's most likely due to compressed or irritated nerves. It’s a fairly common problem. No wonder many patients come in and specifically look for a pinched nerve chiropractor. 

Some may argue that they could live through the pain and wait for it to go away on its own. However, in reality, if you don’t get to the bottom of the issue, the pain will continue to persist. It could even worsen and potentially cause other problems like sciatica, carpal tunnel syndrome, and cubital tunnel syndrome. With this in mind, we decided to help you explore effective methods you can try to manage pain and a natural option for you to address the root cause of many pinched nerves.

6 Effective Pain Relief Methods

  1. Minding your posture

One of the most underrated and simplest ways to find relief from a pinched nerve is observing proper posture. This is because compression or irritation of the nerves by nearby tissues, muscles, and ligaments can cause pain. By minding your posture, both when standing or sitting, you can ease the pressure on the affected areas, such as your back, arms, and elbows. The more you try to lean in or hunch your shoulders, the more pain you will most likely experience. 

  1. Alternate from sitting and standing when working

Many people have to work from home in today’s world. Unfortunately, not everyone has access to ergonomic work furniture that provides ample support to the back while sitting down. For those who already suffer from a pinched nerve, this situation potentially adds more stress to the affected area. To adjust, you can switch to a standing workstation. Harvard Health explains that standing desks make an excellent option for your new home office setup because they can reduce the risk of developing back and shoulder pain. 

If you’re not keen on switching to a standing desk, you can try to alternate between sitting and standing while you work. But again, take note of proper posture to enjoy maximum benefits. 

To learn more about the connection between head and neck injuries and pinched nerves, download our complimentary e-book by clicking the image below.

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  1. Apply a hot or cold compress

In a typical clinic of a pinched nerve chiropractor, you’ll notice how professionals use varying approaches for each patient. That’s because no two cases are similar. Some have it worse than others. Also, spine misalignment differs from one person to another. That’s why we must adjust accordingly. 

You can apply the same principle when choosing between a hot or cold compress to find relief. Some would say that they like using hot compresses, while others insist that cold compresses work miracles for them. When deciding between the two, try to check which option provides you with more relief. Apply your choice on the affected areas for 10 to 15 minutes per interval. 

  1. Say yes to a bit of stretching

Understandably, a pinched nerve could result in difficulty in moving some of your body parts. However, this shouldn’t discourage you from doing a bit of stretching exercises. Be sure not to over-exert yourself.  You can focus on small and simple movements to ease muscle tension and to slowly release pressure. 

  1. Get enough rest during the night

Studies reveal that getting enough sleep at night can improve your ability to cope with pain. This is because when you're tired and sleep-deprived, your body becomes more sensitive to pain stimuli. It can also affect your overall mood, which could worsen or improve how you perceive pain. Aim to sleep at least 7 hours a day, and try finding a sleeping position that would least impact the affected regions.  

  1. Seek help from a pinched nerve chiropractor.

The last natural and effective method to achieve pain relief on this list is seeing a pinched nerve chiropractor. While taking pain relievers may help you temporarily ease the pain caused by a compressed nerve, it's better to address one of the possible causes of the problem - spine misalignment. The entire spine is highly susceptible to injuries. If forcefully moved or over-extended, the bones can suffer from damages. It could also affect the level and position of one of your shoulder or hip bones. When this happens, you end up with an unequal amount of strain and stress on one side of your body. Consequently, this can result in the compression or irritation of your nerves.

With the help of a specific chiropractor, you can correct the problem, whether the problem originates in your low back, neck, or elsewhere in the spine. Using specific adjustments can ease your misaligned spine to return to its original position gradually. As your body starts healing on its own, you also relieve the stress and strain on the affected nerves, ultimately freeing you from pain. It’s a step by step process that could potentially help you enjoy a more comfortable life. The best part is that it’s all-natural, so you wouldn’t need to worry about taking in substances that may have serious side effects. 
Want to experience life-changing pain relief from a pinched nerve? Visit our office or call to book a consultation! Our pinched nerve chiropractor uses specific adjustments to fix a bone misalignment. We can help you live a fuller and happier life.

To schedule a special consultation in our Oakland office call (510) 594-9994, or just click the button below.

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