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How Is Your Spine?

Any interference with the normal function of the nervous system will negatively affect your health and well-being.

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Above Our Understanding

“The difference between misery and happiness depends on what we do with our attention.” Sharon Salzberg Happy Winter Solistice and Welcome the return of the light.

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Quiet The Mind

The heart knows things that the mind cannot imagine.

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What Your Chiropractor Hasn't Told You: The...

This is the story of the chiropractic benefit during the 1918 flu epidemic and how the adjustments ability to boost the immune system put chiropractic on the map.

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49 BREATHES: A Meditative Practice

This is one of our favorite breathing meditations, taught by an amazing chiropractor and Mentor Dr. Sid Williams, D.C. Breath and Enjoy! “49 Breaths” is a series of breaths interspersed by affirmations. This form of meditation originated from Dr. Sid E. Williams D.C., the creator of the Dynamic Essentials Meeting, and it is designed to […]

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Optimize Your Sleep!

People often ask how should I sleep? or What position is best for sleeping? Here is our list of helpful sleep tips/Do's and Don'ts Sleep Position Do's: Sleep on your back or on your side with a supportive pillow. Think about keeping yourself in neutral alignment. You want a pillow that will support your neck […]

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Longer Battery Life

One of the things our patients report to us frequently as a bonus to their care besides the relief from the neck pain or back pain or headaches that they came in with is that they get better sleep, feel more rested when they wake up, and have more energy throughout the day. Why might […]

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Work Place Ergonomics and What to do About It!

If you sit at a desk for more than 30 minutes a day for work OR pleasure, then keep reading! Sitting puts abnormal stress on our body, muscles, and spine; in turn making our bodies work on overdrive to support our system and giving less energy to what we are trying to get done and […]

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