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Hip Stretches: Psoas and Piriformis

For the Psoas stretch: come into a lunge, front foot should be out far enough that when you stretch forward the knee doesn't go out over the toe. Keep both hips facing forward tuck the pelvis slightly, push the hips forward, and raise the same arm and the leg that is back. Stretch up with […]

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Text Neck

One of the most dangerous activities for our spine is something we do everyday, many times a day – look at our cell phone. With the advent of smart phones, doctors are beginning to see more patients with chronic headaches, back and neck pain, and increased curvature of the spine – all symptoms of a […]

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Surviving the Holidays With Ease

The Holiday's can be stressful times; full of travel and family and rich foods. Chiropractic adjustments help your body adapt to the stresses of life with more ease, and they also boost your immune system. Give yourself the gift of an adjustment and stay healthy this season! Here are some other ways to keep you […]

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Surrender and Find Peace

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Why do I need This Scan of my Spine

Guest Blogger, Chiropractor, James Allan “Why Do I Need This Scan Of My Spine?” There appears to be a belief amongst certain circles of the general public that Chiropractor’s readily refer for unnecessary spinal radiographs and associated imaging such as CT and MRI. As a Chiropractor I can safely say that this is not true […]

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Patient Appreciation Day

Saturday Feb. 6th 2016  12-4pm at Life Chiropractic  Sign Up at: https://www.facebook.com/events/765467510249974/ What a better way to show our gratitude for our patients than have a PARTY! Celebrating:Dr. Melissa and Dennis's Birthdays&Dr. Melissa's 1 Year Anniversary at Life Chiropractic&Your Dedication to your Health and Well Being Saturday Feb. 6th 2016 We will have regular adjusting hours […]

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Your Most Prized Possession

​Your body is your most valuable possession. Take good care of it! Your Most Prized Possession Your body is your most valuable possession. Take good care of it! Amplifeied

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Allow The Body To Heal Itself

The power that made the body can also heal the body.

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How to Eliminate Inflammatory Aggravators from Your Life

How to Eliminate Inflammatory Aggravators from Your Life Here's some basic info and ways to start eliminating inflammatory aggravators in your diet and life. Basically, the the body cannot heal when it's in an inflammatory state, so the goal is to bring down that inflammation systemically (throughout your whole body) and allow the tissues to heal […]

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